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Sep 23, 2016




Along with our standard map, we offer a choropleth or heat map. The choropleth map allows users to see where the highest concentration of constituents is located. This map has state, county, city, and zip code heat level; meaning that you can see concentrations at all four levels. This is all accessed through running a search and switching the map view on our Standard Map. There is a small button at the top right of the map which will turn the choropleth map on and off.

How To:

Using Donor Dossier’s Choropleth or Heat Map is easy!  In either a Standard Search or an Advanced Search, enter your search terms, press Search and at the bottom of the search results page will be our standard map.

Choropleth Map

To turn on choropleth, press the map button at the top right of the map. This will convert the standard map to a choropleth map. You should now see the state level map. Each state with a result will be highlighted in a shade of blue. Darker blue indicates a higher number of results; lighter blue indicates a smaller number of results. To view result information about each state, click on a state. Under the map button, at the top right corner, result info will appear: percentage of results, state name, and count of records in that state (60 out of 1234).

City Level Choropleth

As you zoom into the map, the map will then automatically convert the state level choropleth map to county level; if you zoom in further, the city level will automatically appear and again for zip code level. Result information is available for each level on the choropleth. To turn off choropleth, click the same map button in the top right corner. This will turn the standard map on again.

Post by Mary Doyle

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