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Sep 23, 2016




Donor Dossiers search Features (Standard Search, Advanced Search, Refine Search, and Related Results) are flexible and make it easy for you to keep track of records before you know exactly how you want to use them. One of the features that makes this possible is our Pin & Hide solution.

Hide and Pin


You can pin results you might want to circle back on, as well as hide results you are sure don’t match up with your prospect. To pin a result, simply click the safety pin icon to the far right of the record. After you click the pin, it will change color from grey to black. It will also move to the top of your search results.

To hide a result, click the blinking eye feature. This will count the hidden records at the top of the list. To unhide, click that number at the top of the list and then select the record you want to unhide.

The Pin & Hide feature is especially helpful for users who turn to the Refine Search feature. Because a refined search is not a new search, but a continuation of an existing one, your pinned and hidden results carry over.

Hide and Pin Refined

Post by Mary Doyle

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