Education Series Week 10

Dec 08, 2016




Easily access previous searches and saved pins.

Yesterday, we talked about our Recent Searches and where you can find them. If you missed it, you can read about it on our  Introduction Series.

Run a search to activate Recent Searches: type in your search terms in the search box located in the navigation at he top right of the page. Once on the homepage, click the search terms (now a link) from the recent search you want to navigate to. This will bring the same exact serach results you had from your search plus any pinned or hidden results.If you have refined your search, the new search terms will be listed in the recent searches.

Recent search only keeps track of the last 10 searches you have done. To access recent seraches without navigating to the home page, hover over the clock icon located to the right of the search box in the page navigation. This will drop down a list of recent searches. Selecting a search will bring you to the result page.

View the easy access Recent Search button below:

Clock Recents

Post by Mary Doyle

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