Introduction Series Week 11

Dec 14, 2016




Push records to the top of your search and save them through refined searches.

Last week we talked about our Recent Searches and where to find them. If you missed it, you can read about it on last week’s Education Series.

Another small feature that Donor Dossier offers is the ability to pin & hide search results throughout multiple refined or expanded searches. These pinned or hidden results will be saved in their recent searches. Pinning a record moves that record to the top of the search results. Hiding a record will remove, not delete, that record from the search results. Adjusting search terms with the refined search feature will pull the pinned and hidden records through to the new results.

Pinned records are marked by the pushpin icon to the far right of that result’s line. Selecting the pin will bold it and selecting it again will unbold it. A bolded pushpin icon indicates a record has been pinned. Hidden records can be marked by the blinking eye icon to the left of the pushpin. Hidden records dissappear and are counted with a small counter at the top of the results page. Bolded blinking eye icons represent a hidden record.

View how pinned and hidden records are marked:

Hide and Pin

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