Education Series Week 11

Dec 15, 2016




Hide records you don’t want to see in your results.

Yesterday, we talked about what happens when you pin and hide your results. If you missed it, you can read about it on our  Introduction Series blog. 

How do you exactly pin or hide results? We have two icons – a blinking eye and a pin. The eye icon is to hide a result and the pushpin is to pin the result to the top of the results page.

To hide a result that you don’t want to see, select the hide button. The record will be hidden until you unhide it; this does not delete the record. To unhide the record, simply select the hide counter at the top of the results page, and select the record you want to unhide by clicking the bolded blinking eye icon. To pin a result, select the pin button. This will pull the result to the top of the results page. This will keep the result pinned even if you refine your search. To unpin a record, click the bolded pushpin icon on the record you want to unpin. There are no limits to how many records the user pins or hides.

See below to view how pinned and hidden records look after a refined search:

Hide and Pin Refined

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