Basic Features

We’ve made the entire system feature-focused with your needs in mind.  Whether you’re an independent or full-time prospect researcher, a gift officer, or someone who is responsible for maintaining the integrity of processes and the supporting data, we hope you’ll find our platform easy to use – even with some of our most advanced features.

We’ve broken the platform down into four major functional areas below.

1. Data

More data and the most up to date in the industry

  • Data is cleansed and updated regularly to give you the most up-to-date information on the market.
  • Combine prospect data from multiple sources to create a prospect’s dossier.
  • Upload your database – or segments – and combine what you already know from your previous research with new data from Donor Dossier

2. Unified Search

Use what you know to learn more

  • Search by name, age, location, phone, email, tag, company, foundation, organization, etc.
  • Use the “Pin Result” feature to save search results you might want to circle back to.
  • Hide search results that match your criteria but don’t help you discover new information for your prospects.

3. Dossiers

Create and share truly customizable prospect dossiers

  • Merge search results from any source with records from your database, or create new dossiers on the fly.
  • Multiple dossier views can be used to create profiles and to share different prospect data with other researchers, gift officers, or executives.
  • Set and apply your own ratings as your organization moves prospects through the fundraising cycle.

4. Portfolios

Organize dossiers and profiles into groups by project, goal, or gift officer

  • Send, receive, and fulfill research requests with the Research Request Widget.
  • Use advanced criteria to segment prospects without programming knowledge.
  • Use queries to discover prospects that meet unique criteria, then whittle the records down to a manageable number.

Advanced Features

We’re constantly adding new features to help integrate better data, systems, and processes.  Some of our current and upcoming advanced features include:

  • Third-party integration API – if you’re a data provider and want to integrate your data for resale on our platform, this API will allow you to be up and running in a day.
  • Custom views – need to throw a few profiles together for a last-minute meeting or in-person visit?  No problem.  Custom dossier views will allow you to do that with just a few clicks.
  • Indexes and trends – we will constantly monitor and mine your data to find meaningful data about your individual prospects, your entire database, and the universe to help you gain a better picture of your prospecting potential.

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